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Where getting clean is cool, and affordable too!
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Triangle Coin Laundromat – Coin in Dryer – 1366 x 768
About Triangle Coin Wash

Getting laundry done quickly and efficiently is our goal, saving you time and money.  We want to be sure you are getting the best value for your laundry dollar.

Our high quality machines, solar hot water system and preheated dryer air work together to get your laundry done effectively with lowest possible cost to you as the customer.

With our washers’ efficient water use and high extract speeds, you need less soap to get your clothing clean and can get laundry finished quickly through reduced drying time.

With a variety of machine sizes, easy on street parking and easy payment options, we seek to be convenient, affordable and easy to use.

Come with coins, use our change machines or pay with a credit card – the choice is yours!

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Triangle Coin Laundromat – Coin in Dryer – 1366 x 768
Dryer Triangle Coin Laundromat – 1366 x 768
Insider the Dryer at Philadelphia Laundromat – 1366×768
IMG_080320160615_140837_001ML6A7590Triangle Coin Laundromat – Coin in Dryer – 1366 x 768Dryer Triangle Coin Laundromat – 1366 x 768Insider the Dryer at Philadelphia Laundromat – 1366×768
community partners

We partner with Wash Cycle Laundry to ensure they have access to high efficiency washers and dryers during our less busy periods.  This creates local jobs and helps support our environmental commitment.  They delivery washed and folded laundry on bikes!

environmentally friendly

By using a solar hot water preheat system to heat water as much as possible with the sun’s warmth, we save on fuel and help the environment.  The best equipment means better results and less cost to you the customer.

free wifi and more

Triangle Coin Wash Laundromat features the best amenities available including FREE WIFI, clean folding tables, air conditioning, and TV while you wait.   Stop by now!

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